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Tuning - Remaps - Modifications

AMT Fordmazda specialise in Ford and Mazda tuning and modifications, but have the facilities and expertise to carry out all modifications and tuning that you and your vehicle require what ever the make and model. AMT Ford Mazda supply and fit Adaptronic ECU's in all makes and models of car, we are able to map ecu's across a wide variety of makes and models.

Why get your car tuned

Tuning your car and having it remapped can have many benefits to your daily motoring, making your car more efficient and have a better torque and power curve, resulting in better performance.

Increased MPG

A good tune and remap can increase your cars economy with better MPG by making it run leaner and cleaner saving you money with less visits to the pumps.

Increased torque and power

Having your vehicle tuned and remapped can increase the torque curve of your vehicle and increase BHP, giving you a smoother delivery of power and an enhancement in performance.

Car Modifications

We can carry out a wide range of vehicle modifications to any make or model of car. So if you wish to uprate your brakes or suspension, change your turbo to increase performance or upgrade your clutch and transmission, we can help.

  • Suspensions ugrades
  • Fuel system upgrades
  • Clutch & flywheel upgrades
  • Brake upgrades
  • Fuel system upgrades
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Engine upgrades
  • Engine ECU remaps and tuning

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AMT Ford Mazda
TEL: 01483 454168