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Ford garage services

AMT Ford Mazda are Ford specialists, offering a complete range of services including Ford tuning and remapping, servicing, modifications, repairs and general maintenance. Our fully trained technicians are experts in ST and RS ranges and can carry out all work that may be required.

Ford ST & RS repairs & servicing

The following prices apply to general repairs on the RS and ST ranges of Ford cars.

  • RS/ST small service £120
  • RS/ST large service £237
  • Ford fault read £20
  • Ford fault read and diagnostic £40
  • Oil filter housing/diaphram and breather change £247
  • Inner CV boot change - genuine Ford £105
  • Ignition coil £52 each (5 in total) / labour £55 for any number of coils changed
  • ABS module supplied and fitted £375 (if due to pressure sensor failure)
  • Cam belt and rollers £240 (inc both alternator & a/c belts)
  • Clutch replacement £455
  • Instrument cluster replacement £557

Ford RS & ST performance upgrades

We can carry out any Ford RS and ST upgrades you require, please check out our Ford tuning, modificaitons and remaps page

All prices include parts and labour.

*All prices are subject to VAT unless otherwise stated.
AMT Ford Mazda
TEL: 01483 454168